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Ricky Pearsall: Bet On Me

Welcome to Part I of our series featuring Florida Gators' star wide receiver, Ricky Pearsall.

"Bet On Me" is tatted bold on the arm of senior wide receiver, Ricky Pearsall, and Michigan Made is ALL IN. Ricky has granted us special access through the Gators 2023-24 football campaign, connecting Michigan communities with a purpose driven athlete at a top university.

This series will provide written and video content sharing the ins and outs of big time ball, family life, being a student-athlete and maintaining a growth mindset through it all. It is facilitated by Michigan Made, Ricky Pearsall, the Florida Gators creative team and academic advisor Katie Christensen.


Large social media followings, big-name endorsement deals and national news coverage sound about right in the life of an SEC wide receiver in today's college football landscape. And while those things are easy to imagine, the majority are in fact, just imagining.

Ricky Pearsall, the Florida Gators top returning wideout, is here to bring us back to reality, connect with the community and talk through things that far outweigh the pressure of today's transfer portal, prospect rankings or his 23K Instagram followers.

Ricky is Chandler, Arizona born and raised, and very proud to tell you so. He grew up a kid in the Phoenix suburb with an ultimate love for friends, family and football, and the goal to stay near them all for as long as possible.

The second year Florida Gator spent last fall catching passes from Heisman Trophy candidate and NFL 2023 fourth-overall draft pick, Anthony Richardson. However, his collegiate career took years to evolve to that point.

When the offer was made to attend Arizona State following High School, just miles from his doorstep, Ricky's decision was a lock. It was a dream to pursue his passion while being near who he loves most - his mom and siblings.

Far from the highest touted prospect coming in, Ricky prioritized school, his game, personal growth and the health of his mother. He also made sure to clearly out-play his three-star high school ranking during three seasons with the Sun Devils' team.

Following the 2021-22 season, Ricky noted several key factors that led him toward the decision to leave Arizona and enter the transfer portal - and none had to do with big business. Most notably were the departure of his best friend, the team's quarterback, coaches and others.

It was during this trying time as an excelling student-athlete that Ricky's self-made pact was inked for life: "Bet on me."

And after a successful year-one in Gainesville, Florida racking up 774 total yards and 6 touchdowns, the line on that bet is clear.

You can keep your money, Fan Dual accounts and parlays. Ricky is betting on his own dose of preparation, leadership, confidence and life balance to produce again, on and off the field, in year-two with the Florida Gators.

The University of Florida was recently announced the nation's #1 public university by Wall Street Journal and as a part of Ricky's graduating project, he chose to spend time developing with the Michigan Made Family. We will be engaging our student-athletes and their families through written and video content, joining him along the journey. This will include live player interviews with our Michigan Made student-athletes, as well as behind-the-scenes looks at SEC football and stadiums.

Ricky's primary purpose is to promote healthy mindsets and conversations, and talk culture, priorities and goal setting in life and sport.

What's clear is Ricky's willingness to get uncomfortable, reflect and improve, and put in overtime effort to be great. We are grateful to tag along and learn. Please follow for Part II as we connect more people in sport and share their stories.

#1 Ricky Pearsall of the Florida Gators in action versus Utah in the first week of the 2023 football season. Images courtesy of the University of Florida Football Creative Team.


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