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Ricky Pearsall: Bet on Me - Part IV

Welcome to Part IV of our series, where Michigan Made Owners, Vince and Steph Agnew, visit The Swamp in Gainesville, FL.

Gainesville, FL -- When you hear about a swamp, you hardly imagine a thing of beauty, but this one is.

The newly renovated James W. Heavener Football Training Center, exclusive to all Florida Gators student-athletes, on top of nationally respected academic and player development programs, make this place a dream for players and staff who earn the opportunity.

But, where there is a great power, there is a great responsibility.

Check out the video tour of The Heavener during our trip to The Swamp.



We were fortunate to travel to Gainesville for the week of the game against the Arkansas Razorbacks. Time was well spent at the best low-key local eateries, touring facilities, receiving insiders from an NFL scout, seeing the debut of the all-black uniforms and were even gifted some Air Force 1's. Central Michigan University graduate and current UF Academic Advisor, Katie Christensen, played host, and Ricky scored, but the Gators fell short in overtime. Check out more images from the trip below.

Ricky scores to the end of the 3rd quarter and give the Gators a 23-20 lead over the Razorbacks.

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