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Michigan Made 7v7 Football Commitment Letter 2023

Congratulations on making a travel team in our Michigan Made Family of Sports!


Michigan Made Advanced Athletics L.L.C. (MMAA) is dedicated to the overall athletic and personal enhancement for boys and girls across all sport platforms. This is accomplished through athletic training, coaching, camps, mentorship programs, leadership development, travel basketball and travel 7v7 football organizations, developmental youth leagues, special events and more. Michigan Made Advance Athletics L.L.C. and each of its functions are facilitated by experienced professionals in their related fields who are passionate for the youth and our communities.

Michigan Made Advanced Athletics’ mission is to provide a positive learning environment for all athletes and coaches, and we welcome you!


All parents shall read the entire commitment letter before accepting the roster position. After reading the document, if you believe there will be an issue with attendance, commitment or our standard, we ask you to withdraw your player's name from consideration in order to give another player the opportunity to make the team.


Communication from Michigan Made administration will be sent via the BLAST application which will notify you via email, text and notification throughout season. This platform will aid in quick communication, schedule updates, and the posting of scores, videos and pictures for our 7v7 families to follow along the journey. It is your responsibility to ensure you regularly check the email you'll provide us for communication regarding your team.


I hereby agree to commit to the program requirements stated below:


I. Uphold the Standard

The Michigan Made Standard is the idea that raising the bar of expectations each day is a necessity both mentally and physically for yourselves and for the team of others around you. At Michigan Made, we are passionate about creating elite athletes, but more importantly helping create ELITE HUMANS. We expect anyone involved in our program to represent us with integrity and respect. Michigan Made was created to raise the bar in player’s skill, well-being, mental and physical development and this means exuding coaching excellence, practice session efficiency, sportsmanship, the ability to communicate, adapt, and lead. The desire to improve in all areas of life and lead with positivity and character, is the Michigan Made Standard.


II. Attendance


a. Michigan Made's travel teams are competitive sports programs requiring participation of its players at practices, games, tournaments and special functions. If a player misses practices, games or tournaments without prior notification to the coach, or is regularly absent/tardy it may result in the player being dismissed from the team.


b. Emergency situations and/or limited prearranged absences are understandable and unavoidable. Please make every effort to notify your child's coach in advance.


III. Playing time


a. Michigan Made's travel programs are highly competitive and equal playing time is NOT guaranteed. Playing time is earned. No player is promised playing time. It's the coaches discretion to play the players most capable of helping the team succeed and win.


b. There are different levels of competitive travel teams within Michigan Made. Please discuss with your coach about the level of team your child is committing to and the expectations of player development. Some teams will have more flexibility in rotating players for positional development and some teams will play the best players in each spot. It is your responsibility to ensure your player is on the team that best suits your child.


c. Our coaches have the right to limit a player's playing time due to lack of performance or commitment to the team, which could include but not limited to missing practices, games, late arrivals or due to unsportsmanlike conduct.


IV. Conduct


a. Anyone associated with Michigan Made will conduct themselves in a manner that is appropriate at all times. Players may be removed from a team if parent(s) demonstrate detrimental behavior towards the coaching staff, event staff, kids, officials, teammates, etc.


b. Any Michigan Made member that demonstrates behavior that is detrimental to this program may be removed from the game and/or program.


c. Detrimental behavior is defined as physical and/or verbal abuse towards any participant, staff member, coach, player, or the likewise, at any time.

d. Parents are strongly encouraged to address any questions or concerns directly with the coach at appropriate times. Please refrain from handling issues before, during or immediately after a game. We maintain a 24 hour rule for game or playtime complaint. We also ask that issues are NOT displayed on social media. Improper handling of issues can be detrimental to a player, team and organization and are also grounds for dismissal.

e. This Code of Conduct is applicable for all coaches, volunteers, staff, student-athletes, families and all representing parties.


V. Volunteerism


a. Michigan Made generates it's funding through player registration fees, sponsors, hosting tournaments, and fundraisers. Parents or legal guardians of all players are encouraged to support Michigan Made.


VI. Fees

a. Player dues for the 2023 Spring participants will be $275 for the full Travel 7v7 Football season or $150 for practice squad participants.

The following is a breakdown of what you are paying for:

1. League play and/or several competitive tournaments at solidified venues around the state and nationally for Travel Teams.

2. Secure indoor practice locations during the winter season.

3. Full team uniform (varies by sport).

4. Secondary insurance coverage.


b. Players will be able to take advantage of additional discounted offers by Michigan Made and partnered facilitators. Speed School opportunities can be attended throughout your travel season for an additional $50 (available at the time of commitment).

- Five (5) Speed and Agility classes hosted by Vince Agnew (every Monday, beginning April 24th)




d. Upon making the team, each player will receive a link to this contract for reference and the preferred link to pay any remaining balances with their student-athlete's invoice. Our Michigan Made Payment Portal can be found here or payments can be made via check or money order at The Michigan Made Factory.


e. All payments must be paid in full by: March 7, 2023. Michigan Made must order program uniforms and equipment. Any player with a deposit/commitment letter incomplete, will not have a team uniform ordered. Please make sure all financial obligations are met to avoid a delay in uniform delivery. If any issues arise or financial assistance is required, please contact us. (



•Travel Athlete Payment 1: $150 deposit is due at the time of your commitment for Travel Athletes. A one-time all-inclusive $150 payment is due at the time of your commitment for Practice Squad participants.

•Travel Athlete Payment 2: $125 Due by May 7th

- An additional $50 will be due at the time of your commitment for travel athletes who opt-in for the season's extra training opportunities.

*You may choose to make payment in full.

g. Parents should understand that there may be additional costs involved with travel sports that may include (but not limited to) equipment, travel, hotels, etc.


VII. Fundraising


a. Each team will conduct individual fundraising events in order to offset player/team fees, team parties, professional lessons, additional tournaments etc. These funds shall be used at the discretion of the specified team's head coach for team use only.


b. Michigan Made is partnered with Swagnew Foundation, a program originated to help athletes and organizations like ours to mitigate extra player/team fees for athletes who need assistance most. We run an annual golf outing in June, including the raffle of several large donated raffle items. Every family in the program will have an opportunity to work the event organized by Swagnew Foundation. It is not mandatory for the families to participate, but will be a great opportunity for everyone that wishes to take advantage of it. All time commitment or raffle donations are appreciated. For families that work with the event, funds raised will directly impact your teammates and other children who otherwise may not be able to participate on competitive platforms.

c. The BLAST application will greatly simplify and streamline team communications, and it will also enhance our fundraising efforts as a platform that allows for the sharing of initiatives among players, families, friends and followers of the 7v7 clubs. Team Links Can always be referenced via our Michigan Made Blast Network. Join your Team Here.

VIII. Participation Policy

In consideration of participating in the sport of football, and for other good and valuable consideration, I hereby agree to release and discharge from liability Michigan Made Advanced Athletics LLC (MMAA) and its owners, directors, officers, employees, agents, volunteers, participants, and all other persons or entities acting for them on behalf of myself and my children, parents, heirs, assigns, personal representative and estate.

I understand that Michigan Made Advanced Athletics LLC (MMAA), their department's employees, agents, sponsors, coaches, volunteers and contractors assume no responsibility for any injury that may be suffered by the participant.

I understand that the participant assumes responsibility for any loss and/or damage of personal property. I fully release from liability MMAA in the event of injury and/or damages on behalf of our child and/or ourselves.

In case of emergency, I give my consent to emergency medical treatment.

Agreeing to this participation policy gives facilitators permission to publish videos or photographs of my child for marketing purposes and release MMAA and from any claim related to their use.

I have read and agree to all of the above information and release MMAA from all liability.

IX. Commitment


By submitting the signed form below, I have confirmed that the player named has committed to play with the Michigan Made family of sports for the 2022-23 season. My athlete is allowed to play for other organizations during the 2022-23 season but it will not interfere with my commitment to the Michigan Made organization. We have read and understand this entire Letter of Commitment and agree to abide by it. I understand that there are no other alternative forms of commitment or deposit available, other than completing the form provided here.

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