This is the registration required for a Michigan Made Travel Basketball INVITE ONLY Tryout. Each transaction is good for one student-athlete.

Basketball Tryout Fee

  • 2022-23 Michigan Made Basketball Tryouts hosted by the Michigan Made coaching staff.

  • By completing this purchasing I aknowledge that:

    Michigan Made Advanced Athletics LLC (MMAA), their department's employees, agents, sponsors, coaches, volunteers and contractors assume no responsibility for any injury that may be suffered by the participant. This includes, but is not limited to practices, camps, leagues, tournaments, training sessions and classes. I understand that the participant assumes responsibility for any loss and/or damage of personal property and I fully release from liability MMAA and all of their related parties in the event of any injury and/or damages, on behalf of our child and/or ourselves. In case of emergency I give my consent to emergency medical treatment. Agreeing to this document also gives facilitators permission to publish videos or photographs of my child for marketing purposes and release MMAA and from any claim related to their use.