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Frequently Asked


Age Group Alignment

•Specific age Groups will be formed as listed: K-2nd; 3rd-4th; 5th-6th; 7th-8th; 9-10th; 11-12th

•Your athlete may play UP in an older age group, but will NEVER be allowed to play DOWN in a younger age group. For example: Your 3rd Grader may play in 5th/6th grade division if you desire. However, your 3rd grader may not play in K/2nd grade division.

Roster Size

•Rosters can carry up to a maximum of 10 players.

Number of Teams per Division

•Space & Parking are limited! No age division will exceed 6 teams. It is first come, first serve.


•Practice opportunities will be made available to each team 30 minutes prior to your game’s scheduled start time - allowing for efficient use of your day.

•Coaches may contact families regarding availability for additional practice days or times, keeping paramount the flexibility that this league strives to provide.

Game Timing

•Games are 40 minutes in length with Two 20-minute halves. 3 minutes of halftime. Two 1-minute timeouts per team per game. Plan for about one hour of action.

•For the purposes of health, safety and space, it is requested that your athlete promptly leaves the field following their game, and spectators dismiss themselves from the designated spectating areas unless you have another athlete playing at a later time.

5v5 or 7v7

•The K-6th grade divisions will be played 5v5.

•The 7th-12th grade divisions will be played 7v7.

Field Sizes

•Field dimensions will be 30 yards wide by 60 yards long for K-6th Grade. Field dimensions will be 40 yards wide by 60 yards long for 7th-12th Grade.

Registering Individually or as a Team

•Each team athlete will need to register individually. When you visit our Under Armour Under the Lights web page and click the button labeled “Register Now!” you will have boxes available to “request a coach” “request a friend” or “sports organization.” If you fill these in, our software will sort your registration automatically to the correct team.

•If you do not fill these in, you will be placed at random within your division.

Flag or Touch Football

•This league is FLAG, non-contact, through all divisions.

Volunteer Coaching or Assigned Coaches

•There will be several coaches volunteering from around various communities. If you’d like to coach, please select the appropriate check box when registering your athlete. Some teams will be provided a local volunteer coach and some teams will likely already have one in place prior to each team member registering.

How to Become a Coach

•Please select the appropriate check box when registering your athlete indicating your desire to coach. If you do not have an athlete participating but still would like to coach a team, contact league commissioner, Vince Agnew.

•In both of these instances, a background check is mandatory by Michigan Made and Under Armour. This background check requires a small non-refundable fee. Link provided HERE. Contact league commissioner, Vince Agnew, once you've completed this step.

Volunteering for Other Roles

•If you would like to volunteer to help with officiating, set up, tear down or working at sanitation stations, contact league commissioner, Vince Agnew.

•In this instance, a background check is also mandatory by Michigan Made and Under Armour. This background check requires a small non-refundable fee. Link provided HERE. Contact league commissioner, Vince Agnew, once you've completed this step.

Refund Policy (Non-COVID Related)

•All refund requests must be submitted to the League Commissioner prior to specific dates:

  • FULL Refund issued prior to a uniform being ordered for a player.

  • PARTIAL Refund less than $50 once uniform is ordered and prior to 2nd game of the season

  • NO Refund issued after 2nd game is played, non-negotiable

COVID Related Refund Policy

•A full Refund is issued prior to a uniform being ordered for a player if league is cancelled for changes in our Region’s health & policy.

•If season is cancelled after jersey order but before the season starts, Parent has 2 options

  • Option 1: Refund is given minus $50 for jersey and shorts

  • Option 2: Stay registered and game play resumes once allowed.

•If games have been played, the following refund options are available:

  • Option 1: Players and teams stay together, game play resumes where the season left off once allowed.

  • Option 2: Partial refund. Each week played will deduct $20 from the price of registration. Example: Season stops at week 4, if refund is requested, 4 weeks x $20 = $80. Minus $80 from $155 = $75 refund.

COVID Protocol

Link provided HERE for a detailed look at Michigan Made and Under Armour’s latest COVID protocol.


Athlete Attire

•Every player will need a gaiter or face covering mask. A limited number of youth-size gaiters will be available each week at the check-in tent.

•Every athlete will be required to wear their provided Under Armour performance game shirt and raid shorts (or another pair of shorts with NO pockets.

•Cleats or athletic shoes are required for safety purposes.

•Athletes may wear mouthpieces, gloves, elbow pads or knee pads, but please note that these items are not provided. Braces with exposed metals, or items like watches are not allowed.

Weather Delay and Cancellation Policy

•If there is thunder or lightning present, a 30-minute delay will be places on games being played. If the inclement weather is persistent, games will be cancelled without reschedule. If two games are missed due to weather challenges, going forward any further weather cancellations will be rescheduled.

•League commissioner and staff will make final judgement calls on weather and weather predictions with the safety of all coaches, players, officials and volunteers as the top priority.

Financial Assistance

•Athletes and Families will be able to apply for financial assistance through the SWAGNEW FOUNDATION. After the completing the linked application, your request will be reviewed.

•Fee assistance can also be gained through league volunteer and work opportunities, making it possible for everyone to participate, however the provided application is still required.

Sponsors and Donations

•You can make donations of various amounts to sponsor the league, its supplies and the athletes needing assistance by donating to the Swagnew Foundation via Check or Cash App.

•Your donation goes entirely towards the advancement of the youth, and also provides the benefits of league marketing for your company or personal endeavors. More information contained HERE in our Sponsorship Brochure.

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