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2nd To None
How We Do What We Do

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2nd To None's


Offers multiple options for basketball players of all ages and skill levels from individual to small groups and classes. In our workouts, athletes will work to master ball handling, finishing at the basket, shooting consistency, confidence building, game-time situations and more.

We Train players age 7 and up, from the beginning baller to the pro player and organize workouts to push each player to unlock their maximum potential.

There is nothing left to do, except for:

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2nd To None's

With basketball, like any sport, we understand that there are seasons within the game. We understand that as those seasons change so does the work that goes into becoming a better basketball player. Throughout the year we are offering trainings for each of these seasons. We have split them up into 4 categories: Pre-Season, In Season, Post Season, and Off Season.


During each of these seasons we will work on overall skill development and IQ as well as make sure players are applying what they have learned in various game situations and scrimmages. Certain areas of a player’s development will have a heavier focus depending on what season the player is in. No matter what season you are in those who love the game know the grind never stops!

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2nd to None has worked with numerous athletes of all ages and skill levels throughout the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas including: Trevor Bohnhoff (Michigan State Men's Basketball), Breanna Short (Concordia University Women's Basketball), Victoria Jankoska (Michigan State Women's Basketball, WNBA draft pick) and James Johnson (Badajoz, Espagne Basketball League), to name a few.

Michigan Made Basketball is 2nd To None

Michigan Made Basketball is 2nd To None

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